Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Its been ages since i last updated this blog , didnt write anything since the time we returned from field. The experience itself was an eye opener and one post wont be sufficient to describe it. but i dont intend to publish my chronicles in the field as it will truly be understood only if one experiences it. Meanwhile my life in irma continues, though its not monotonous it is extremely exhausting. There are times when i wake up in the morning to be bewildered by the fact that two terms have already passed and there was no time to catch a breath. Each day demands to be cherished with its own set of new experiences, and new facets of people unravelling every second. Phew.. all this is getting a bit too complex for me and maybe at the end of two years when i contemplate , i wouldnt be able to pinpoint one experience which changed me as i am and would have been transformed into a new person made up of a jigsaw of experiences .