Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Ramblings

2012...another year, another gamult of experiences. Over years I learnt to take time as it comes. A new day , a new experience. When I was younger , a new year meant something better ..off with the old year. But then I realised that every day is a new day , anything can happen anytime. A year is a too vast a time period to predict or expect or to look forward to. I can neither plan nor unplan anything. Time is a continuum ,fluid, it carries people and experiences along with it. With me it was some old people and experiences left behind, and some new ones entering. It also had changes in people subtle and drastic which impacted them and those around them. 2011 was about life and learning ...a new job, a new city, new friends and new experiences. It didnt mean forgetting the old but renewing relationships with what was in the past. The distances changed the equations and forged new bonds. But there were also some which were broken and lost ..maybe forever. All these are strands of learning in a fabric called life. So I take them and move ahead learning every moment and every day.