Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hasty Generalisation?

A single person's actions can sometimes cause us to generalise the whole community. I had bad experiences with certain people in the past few months which made me hate their lineage but it got me thinking that thats how prejudices are formed. Some xyz did something  terrible and the entire population around him/her seems to be having the same traits. I was forced to think about this because when one person hurt me so much , another person from the same community embraced me like their own. These stark differences forced me to reflect on the fact that because of our actions so many people are affected. Our actions not only encompass us but also the entire sphere of people, culture and habitat which surrounds us. Even the place is not left behind, too many thefts in an area and all are thieves, even if it is the action of a single person. I am glad the Lord is teaching me things through experiences like these and making me more open to people and their actions. I dont deny I still have my prejudices , had the second incident not happened , I would have continued to live with a deep rooted dislike for everything related to that person. But Lord forces us to see and think beyond our narrow outlook and teaches us a whole range of things , which make our lives more meaningful and contended.