Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life during OTS

I guess its time for my next blog. In the past few weeks there has been a whirlwind of activities and have led to a new set of revelations and more lessons in life. I am currently interning with Rbi,Ahmedabad a 8 hr desk job,working on a project which involves a study on technology which is quite new to me since i am a non-engineer. I ve been here for the past one month and life has been springing surprises at every step. One important thing i learnt was, that my life in the village was much better than staying in a big city where every even breathing becomes complicated. This eventful period was also filled by learnings about people,while i became closer to some long lost friends and made new friends ( people i rarely interacted in college) , i also got to see the unpleasant side of people close to me ( i really need to learn how to deal with it). But i finally realised this is how the world runs and i cannot change it but mould myself accordingly.On the brighter side , I got the opportunity to try out new activities and do things which i never got the chance to do and would not have got had i not been here. This is the best part of living independently,while there are pitfalls to it ,it also shows you the true meaning of freedom.