Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random thoughts

Finally some time to blog..after a hectic week..few moments to stop, take breath and review my life. Well first lesson I learnt this week was to stop reviewing the past,let bygones be bygones and think about what lies ahead.Someone told me think about the good things in the past and the good things to come in the future, the rest are to be forgotten as we have survived all those and stand here today. There are always moments of lonliness when we feel the need to open up, but again these are just phases which will go on throughout our lives and how we cope with them will determine our stance towards issues in life. And again I would like to thank God for all the things he created , he has a purpose for everything..nothing is meaningless.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This week I learnt some very important lessons, in this ongoing process of understanding people this was a very important phase. It was a phase of emotional catharsis involving some things which were bothering me and this was when,some people stood by me and supported me , which took me by surprise. I realised that everyone is imperfect, its just depends on how you learn to deal with them. I had loads of complains against them, but when it really mattered they were there. Ending it with an analogy, the persian carpets which are the epitome of perfection are always left with some errors which the craftsmen delibirately include in the pieces. Why? simple they believe that only GOD is perfect and everything has a flaw somewhere.