Monday, September 21, 2009


a week passed since i came back from IRMA, a week of worklessness and boredom, now i realised how meaningful is ancient wisdom. you can actually die due to boredom. i came very close to seeing this kind of death.But the weekend saved me by bringing in a whirlwind of activity when all the busybodies i know realised i existed and decided to spend some meaningful time with me. All this combined with the tasteful and delightful cooking by my mom made me nostalgic about the various small leisure's you experience at home , which is totally absent at school . This is actually making me sad about the fact that when i go back for 6 long months i'll miss all the leisures of being at home, but i'll end up with a totally different and unique experience at school. I guess i am one super confused person but that's just it. its taking time for me to deal with two totally different atmospheres but i am loving it. As for now i am looking forward to 2 months at adilabad , where as my state guide put in very tastefully you will all lose 5 kilos. it will do me a hell of good , if i indeed end up losing that much. but i already started praying for the lesser fortunate souls who might disappear if subjected to such a treatment.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

almost heaven...

being back home after 3 months is exhilarating, almost heaven (especially the food...). but the whole experience is paradoxical. while i craved for home at school, now i am missing school. but school is school and home is home and the twain shall never meet. 15 days at home then off to adilabad to work in the field, another lesson in my life. and so the story and learning.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

wat more...?

today went for a malayali party...suddenly realised how diverse yet how similar cultures can be .had a great time with friends and classmates . realised that people are black and white no greys...great people , bad people. or it could be me, i look at things in two colours only.niceness is a perspective and people are a bundle of varying perspectives. adjustment is a virtue and very few people posses it , but great many learn it.i was not gifted with it but i am determined to learn it and enjoy the experience. as for my feelings well i'll cope up, things i can share and those i cant...well i'll heal and in the process transform ...from the cocoon to the butterfly.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

atlast one term ended in irma, the great management institute in western what did i learn? well the journey was long and tiring...from this girl who has not seen life beyond her house to being thrown into a strange place with 200 people all who are motivated to the was not easy. i cribbed , cried , fought ,made friends and enemies...all part of this package called life.
life in here is rollercoaster of a ride...with lessons pouring in every second. if it was a horrible test set by a professor or a person who hurt me...everymoment made my life more special and taught me that take one thing at a time. people love and people hurt, its the same with me...i am a human...if i change for them..ther'll definitely be someone making some effort for me. these three months have been so physically, mentally and spiritually exhausting. times when i felt so far away from the Lord my sole confidante who heard me all the time and gave me strength during weakness.i will cherish these moments forever..those times at irma...with just one semester gone and five more to come ..iam already looking forward to the next. two months without this craziness might just drive me mad...lets see what the future has for me..more learning in life.