Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I look unto thee for Help......

Well I am compelled to blog when life goes soo out of control ,that you leave it as it is and start staring. This is where the Lord intervenes and desires that we let him do that, but it seldom happens that way .When the twists and turns become impossible we start to rely on others, who many a time add fuel to the fire than offer a comforting shoulder. We are all alone..but the hope of having Christ in my heart strengthens me and keeps me going. As things are going topsy turvy in my life , I look eagerly unto the Lord to show me a way, comfort me and and guide me out of this mess(thy is is purely created by me as usual, but the Lord always pulled me out and I again look to him for help). Well the thought in itself is cheering me up, allaying my fears and making me feel much better.Phew. :)

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