Sunday, July 29, 2012


re·con·nois·sance (r -k n -s ns, -z ns). n. An inspection or exploration of an area, especially one made to gather military information. Sometimes gathering information about one's self becomes more important than millitary intelligence. One year at work and one year in Bangalore...I think its time for a reconnoisance of my life. What is it that I exactly learnt, unlearnt , ignored, observed ,absorbed etc. My personality evolved constantly like the universe, there were some unexplored aspects which came out and some annoying ones which were discarded. its like one of theose childhood photos where you look at yourself and wonder how did i ever manage to look like that..:o.experiences are also the same , there were moments of exceptional dumbness where you still cant figure out how you managed to get in and also moments of exceptional brilliance (I would attribute this solely to the One above).But all in all with experiences and exposure to good and bad ,life takes different shapes like a stream which turns at every bend and adapting to landscape around rather than creating one itself.Abdapting doesnt mean i give up my inherent personality and imbibe everything from people around thus destroying me, but it means trying to make others accept you the way you are(if they refuse , then they are not worth the effort). So this one year has brought out shades and features of my personality whose existence I was unaware of. it made me realise what are the things which mean something to me and what need to be discarded(applies to people also). And what keeps me going and what i need to keep moving...and many more lessons. Its life and learning all over , after another annual cycle. I guess I would reconnoissance every year or maybe half a year. It helps me understand myself and my relationship with my surroundings better and helps me grow as a better person (better from the inside ).

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